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Phlog? Was is das?

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If you’ve found this site through neocities and you’re not too sure what a phlog (or a glog, which to be fair I made that word up) is, then you’re in the right place.

What is a Phlog ?

A phlog, also called an rlog, is a type of daybook, similar to a blog, that runs off a Gopher protocol server. These phlogs are typically hosted from home servers running some sort of UNIX operating system, because a user account on the server is usually required to update the content. There are quite a few phlogs floating around gopherspace but the vast majority are not updated regularly.

The word "phlog" is derived from "blog" but with the "ph" from "gopher" instead of the "b" from "web" and appears to have been coined by Jeff Woodall on April 22, 2003.

Did you just steal that from Wikipedia ?


What is a Glog then ?

Same thing, different protocol.


Yaaas Kween

Your new friends at Gopher.Zone have put together a list of articles and guides to do just that. But don’t just limit yourself to Gopher, it might not be your thing. Have a look at Gemini it might work better for you.