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What is This Thing Running On

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This is a quaint little texty website you may think to yourself, then you ask the most noble of all the questions in the history of man.

That is, what is this little site running on.


hosting by

The site is hosted on a plucky little web service called, highly recommend you have a look at it. It's all kinds of nifty.


Everything is dropped in to place by Logarion, a small introduction and general information on Logarion, a personal note taking, journaling and publication system, a blog-wiki hybrid.


The gopher server runs on Gophernicus using user directories to hash out this thing.


I had some issues getting the Gemini server running, I like the concept but I don’t want to be running two content streams either so I cheated a bit and I’m using GeGoBi to mirror my gopher server.

The downside is that the virtual directories for users don’t come out and some of the shortcakes bonk out.

Uploadz Codez

Logarion spits it out, then cp -R over to public_gopher and then into the WebDav mount using davfs2.

Where find bruh ?